Avandsis Group successfully implements innovative solutions in automation of different industries. We use an effective approach to task solving in the field of industrial automation, including the range of services in consulting and design; selection of measurement and analytic instruments, final control elements, control systems (PLC/PAC controllers, DCS), Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) and process visualization systems (telemetry and SCADA); purchase, delivery, installation, programming, start-up and commissioning of purchased equipment and complex systems. Furthermore, we perform thorough risk assessment of the production processes (PHA/HAZOP/LOPA). We use equipment and software from world leading manufacturers with all the latest developments and achievements. Main aims of our work are to reduce the costs of our customers, ensure safety of production processes and minimize the environmental damage through optimization of technological processes.

The range of our services includes the following:

Main Automation Contractor (MAC)

To develop successful solutions in industrial automation, Avandsis Group offers you services as your Main Automation Contractor (MAC) responsible for control and instrumentation aspects of your automation project. We will identify all engineering activities, select equipment and develop an execution plan in collaboration and coordination with EPCs (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) to ensure an effective management of the entire project.

Design and Engineering

We offer design and engineering services for different branches of heavy and light industries such as oil and gas, chemicals, metal, mining, food and beverages and many others based on many years of experience of our specialists, and, therefore, allow our customers to avoid additional costs during implementation of the industrial automation project.
The service includes:

  • - Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED);
  • - Preparation of project documentation on instrumentation and control;
  • - Control systems integration;
  • - Assembly of control panels.

Project Management

We offer our best practices in complex project management and ensure on time delivery and success of your project. Our certified project managers (PMs) have all required skills and are competent enough to solve any kind of problems as they occur.

Inspection and Analysis

We have been providing inspection and analysis services for many years based on the needs of our customers and industry-specific requirements. We offer the following:

  • - Site analysis and evaluations;
  • - Evaluation of process technology and equipment;
  • - Risk and life cycle cost analyses.

Evaluation and Procurement

Avandsis Group has all the necessary tools and skills for evaluation of purchased equipment and software, and procurement of industrial facility. We perform responsible purchase and safe delivery of equipment and quality services in collaboration with different reliable suppliers and subcontractors.

Installation and Implementation

Engineers of Avandsis Group implement installation and commissioning works on time in accordance with project schedule and design.

Functional Safety

Avandsis Group ensures functional safety of production process as part of overall safety system in regard to correct functioning of equipment or individual systems of production process that are under the influence of unexpected breakdowns, equipment failure and operator errors. Based on the long experience gained by our specialists, we have knowledge in complex problem solving for different industries. Avandsis Group’s work of ensuring functional safety relies on the global standards such as IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 (standards for safety), IEC 62443 (industrial control system cybersecurity); ISA-18.2 (alarm management), IEC 62061 (safety of machinery) and IEC 60079 (explosive atmosphere).

Explosive Atmosphere

Certification and examination of equipment suitable for work in an explosive atmosphere is required to ensure the safety of equipment operation, personnel and environment. Avandsis Group conducts services in inspection, installation and maintenance of equipment in explosive atmosphere, but also consulting in accordance with an IEC60079 standard set by the International Electrotechnical Commission. Our specialists are certified according to the International CompEx Scheme (ISO/IEC17024:012) that assesses the competency for employees and contractors working in the conditions of potential risk such as explosive atmosphere in oil and gas and chemical industries.


Within the framework of comprehensive approach to solve problems in industrial automation, Avandsis Group develops and implements projects on full automation of the production process, where one of the first steps is the selection of necessary measurement instruments. We offer measurement instruments to measure and control the main parameters of technological processes such as temperature, pressure, flow and level: absolute, excess or relative, manometric and differential pressure sensors, transmitters and manometers; mass, electromagnetic, magnetic, ultrasonic, vortex flowmeters and flow sensors; radar, float, hydrostatic and ultrasonic level sensors; temperature sensors, detectors and thermometers.

In addition to measurement instrumentation, we also offer you analytical instruments: gas chromatographs, liquid and gas analyzers such as analyzers of pH, ORP, conductivity and resistivity, dissolved oxygen, ion-selective analyzers, etc. Experts of Avandsis Group will perform the detailed evaluation of the industrial facility and organize meetings and discussions with customers in order to select the right equipment and, consequently, ensure safety of production processes, reduce the environmental impact and minimize the financial costs.

Avandsis Group offers the selection of highly accurate, reliable and effective measurement and analytical instruments from the leading manufacturers of measurement instrumentation such as Foxboro by Schneider Electric, WIKA, KROHNE, Siemens, Endress+Hauser, etc.


In the course of implementation of industrial automation projects, Avandsis Group carries out selection of the necessary final control elements that would ensure an effective control of technological processes by automated control systems.
We offer you a wide selection of pneumatic, electrical, hydraulic and mechanical final control elements such as throttles, valves, dampers, slide valves, guide vanes that regulate technological process by means of translational or rotational motion, motors, drives, inverters, actuators and many others, but also positioners (or positioning relays) used to amplify the signal coming from control elements. Aiming at reliable control of processes in extreme environments of high temperature and high pressure we offer you final control elements resistant to corrosion and erosion.
Avandsis Group offers high-quality and highly reliable final control elements and their components from leading manufacturers such as Samson, Foxboro by Schneider Electric, Siemens and others.


The selection of appropriate control system in the process of automation of different industries is a significant step that defines future effectiveness of the whole industrial enterprise. Avandsis Group offers production process control systems that are based on PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) controllers as well as Distributed Control System (DCS). We offer PLCs that are specifically designed for the purpose of production process control that requires high reliability and simplicity of programming in real-time and difficult production environments (dust, humidity, heat and cold). PACs that we offer are characterized by multitasking capability to automate control of equipment and are created to use in production with wider requirements of the control process and combination of the control functions.

For chemical and petrochemical industries, power, water treatment, food technologies and other industries we also offer DCS equipped with large amount of autonomous controllers spread through the entire production area and connected through the high-speed communication network. DCS allows centralized control by operator.

To implement beneficial control systems within the industrial automation projects Avandsis Group offers PLCs, PACs and DCS from the world-class brands in the field of automation and control such as Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation, Siemens and others.


Safety Instrumented System (SIS) is a hardware-software complex that allows to apply comprehensive measures to protect personnel, environment and equipment in hazardous and harmful production environments. SIS tools offered by Avandsis Group are certified in compliance with international standards IEC61508 and IEC61511 according to the modern requirements of industrial safety, which is significant for the safe and quality manufacturing of various industrial products.
To automate industries associated with hazardous conditions of technological processes, Avandsis Group offers an implementation of Triconex safety systems by Schneider Electric, leader on the market of process safety. Schneider Electric is a leading manufacturer of Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) safety systems with over 18,000 solutions from Triconex operating safely for over 1 billion hours.
Triconex process safety systems are designed to protect humans, society and environment, but also provide safety to the production processes. Triconex systems are certified by TÜV Rheinland and successfully used in building the Emergency Shutdown (ESD) system that ensures that system enters the safe state and provides trouble-free operation; Burner Management System (BMS), Fire and Gas safety system (F&G), Turbomachinery control solutions (TMC) and Nuclear Safety System (class 1E).
Triconex controllers are unique commercial serial controllers to use in nuclear power plants of 1E class approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.


During implementation of industrial automation projects, Avandsis Group gives a special importance to the selection of visualization tools used in building of the Human Machine Interface (HMI). To facilitate the process of coordination and to ease the control of production processes, we offer you the implementation of telemetry tools and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system that allow for the real-time optimization of production process.
Avandsis Group is an Azerbaijan local market leader in the field of development and building of multilayered distributed SCADA systems on the basis of high-performance computing platforms. We develop high-class SCADA solutions for all industries where real-time operator control of technological processes is needed and carry out specialized technical maintenance and training of personnel. To build multilayered distributed SCADA systems we use the products of Wonderware by Schneider Electric, the leading manufacturer of software solutions in industrial automation on international market that considers constantly expanding requirements for tasks of automation. Wonderware products are based on modular Wonderware System Platform with “Plug & Play” technology that has a possibility of enlargement and easy connection of various additions without breaking the basic structure of an installed automation system.


Identification of dangerous production factors negatively affecting the operation of the industrial facility is basic in production risk management. For successful operation of various industries and to ensure the safe, effective and reliable manufacturing, Avandsis Group offers you the following services:

  • ‒ Analysis of process hazards (PHA/HAZOP);
  • ‒ Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA);
  • ‒ Development and certification of the requirements for the functional safety;
  • ‒ Verification and determination of SIL.

Preliminary Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) is an orderly and thorough approach to identify, evaluate and control the risks of production processes that allows to identify hazards of the current process as well as previous incidents with potential catastrophic consequences, engineering and administrative risk management and consequences of its failure, human factor, etc. Closely related to PHA, Hazard and Operations study (HAZOP) is also a systematic approach to identify potential risks in production and vulnerability of the whole system at the project design stage as well as in existing production process. HAZOP technique is based on artificial creation of deviations of the process parameters from the set parameters (failure or breakdown of equipment, process failure, and human factor) and testing the system operability, outlining a potential risk scenario for personnel, equipment and the entire production system as well as the environment.

HAZOP consists of the following stages:

  • • Identification – formulation of study aims, creation of a team from trained and experienced specialists, distribution of responsibilities among members of the team;
  • • Preparation – planning, data acquisition, scheduling and evaluation of deadlines;
  • • Examination – division of the production system to the parts and selection of study aim for each part; identification of deviations, their consequences and causes; determination of protection mechanisms; and repetition of the steps for every element and every part of the system;
  • • Documentation – record-keeping on analysis, preparation of documentation, notification on study results, development of follow-up actions, re-examination if necessary and preparation of the final report.

HAZOP ensures identification of potential deviations from the project plan, systematic failures, inevitable hazards of the investigated object, information on the causes of the hazards, rarely occurring operational situations, process and equipment hazards, etc.

PHA/HAZOP allows to examine the reliability of the production system and protection measures from unplanned incidents or accidents that may cause emergency situation and irreparable consequences, and, therefore, minimize time and financial costs for installation of the control and protection systems.

LOPA is the next type of analysis performed by specialists of Avandsis Group and is an effective method for assessing the frequency, probability and severity of the scenario of accidents in the workplace.

The ability of safety system to ensure safety functions is shown by SIL (Safety Integrity Level) that defines four levels of safety ranging from damage to equipment up to anthropogenic catastrophe. The higher is a SIL level, the higher is a probability of the system to implement the safety task.

The effective analyses of hazards in production processes performed by specially organized team of experts from Avandsis Group allow to identify potential risks that otherwise might be unforeseen. Analyses are performed as meetings of team leader and representatives of different specialties and services: HSE managers, instrumentation, automation and technical maintenance specialists, technological engineers, operators and other highly qualified specialists.

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