Global achievements in development of the automated building management systems are due to the needs of modern society in creation of comfortable environment for living, working and leisure. Avandsis Group offers you services in design and integration of multipurpose complex building automation systems using the latest hardware and software developments and technologies. Integration of all building engineering systems in a single interconnected complex significantly reduces the costs of building maintenance and ensures reliability, comfort, high level of security and saving of resources.

Building Management System
Management of houses and apartments, residential complexes, hotels, business and shopping centers, hospitals, administrative buildings of industrial sector, state and commercial offices and other facilities is implemented through the automated Building Management System (BMS).
BMS controls following engineering systems of the buildings:

  • • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) – maintenance of the certain level of air freshness, humidity and temperature with minimal resource consumption;
  • • Gas and water supply – automated water and gas supply, tank filling, monitoring of gas and water pipes;
  • • Power supply and lighting – uninterrupted power supply;
  • • IT and telecommunications – provision of internet and telephone communication, radio, TV, etc.;
  • • Security – video surveillance, access control, voice announcement, fire alarm, security alarm, etc.

Advantages of BMS

  • • Savings – optimized operation of power supply, water and gas supply, heating and air conditioning systems significantly reduces consumption of resources;
  • • Comfort – BMS ensures comfort not only to the owners of the building (in terms of management), but also to the end users (in terms of use);
  • • Efficiency – automated security systems integrated into BMS allow to react promptly to any emergency situation.

Specialists of Avandsis Group have a great experience in the field of design and implementation of building automation and dispatching systems and pass certification from the leading international companies every year.


BMS provides comfortable environment for living and working, high level of security and significantly reduces energy consumption and costs for material and human resources.
Avandsis Group develops BMS based on the KNX protocol that integrates all functions of control and management of the building engineering systems. KNX is a network communication protocol approved as an International Standard (ISO/IEC14543-3), European Standard (CENELEC EN50090 and CEN EN13321-1) and Chinese Standard (GB/T20965) and is applicable for the system management of both commercial and residential buildings. KNX connects remote isolated devices and control center of the building via two-wire bus that exchange the data.
Avandsis Group uses following devices when developing BMS based on the KNX:

  • • sensors (push buttons, wind, temperature, movement sensors, etc.);
  • • actuators (switches, drives, dimmers, electric valves, displays, etc.);
  • • system devices and components (power blocks, batteries, linear couplers, etc.).

These devices are necessary to control lighting, power supply, security systems, HVAC, video surveillance, systems of measurement and metering, alarm monitoring and many others.
Data transfer using KNX is carried out based on the following communication media:

  • • twisted pair wiring
  • • powerline networking
  • • radio
  • • infrared
  • • IP/Ethernet

Main advantages of KNX are:

  • ‒ high level of safety: the control voltage in the system is 32 V;
  • ‒ decentralized system: the failure of any device does not affect the operation of the system as a whole;
  • ‒ savings: all the load in the building is reduced to a single panel, so that there is no need for additional wiring;
  • ‒ energy efficiency: the use of highly intelligent detectors and sensors allows the system to efficiently regulate the operation of electrical and climatic equipment, as well as lighting.

Alternatively, Avandsis Group offers you advanced software platforms such as NETx Automation and Reliance to solve complex BMS implementation tasks.


Avandsis Group offers you a whole range of services in design and implementation of automation and dispatching of building engineering systems:

  • • consulting and preliminary assessment;
  • • design;
  • • selection and delivery of equipment (measurement, metering, control);
  • • installation and commissioning;
  • • programming;
  • • maintenance.

Automation of building engineering systems allows for effective and comfortable building management, saving of energy and natural resources, comfort in usage and immediate response and disconnection of individual systems in emergency situations. Engineering systems of BMS are modularly designed and could be easily expanded without interruption of central system operation and any additional costs.
Avandsis Group implements solutions in automation and dispatching of different building engineering systems as well as so called Green Technologies:


Avandsis Group offers you the best services in design and implementation of projects on power supply and lighting of the buildings. Automation of power supply system including power blocks, substations raising and lowering voltage, transformers, power distribution networks, various auxiliary devices and structures ensures energy-efficient approach to uninterruptable and reliable supply of electrical power as well as:

  • • monitoring of the presence and magnitude of voltage;
  • • switching to and from backup power;
  • • temperature control inside the control panels;
  • • consumer switching, etc.

We also offer you services in design and assembly of power distribution boards using products from the global manufacturers such as Schneider Electric, Siemens and others.
An automated lighting management system is also designed with the purpose of energy efficiency; it saves power and extends the operating life of the lighting devices due to their disconnection when not needed. Lighting management system allows us to create different scenarios of building and room lighting according to individual preferences of our customers. We select lighting devices and their components from the leading manufacturers such as Martini Light and others.


Avandsis Group implements an automation of the natural gas supply system for buildings of any complexity. Our main task is to provide the full accounting of the natural gas consumption and safety of gas supply system and ensure effective, reliable and efficient gas usage and distribution.
An automation of natural gas supply system allows to shut off the gas flow in case of emergency, thereby avoiding an explosive situation. Gas supply system includes the system of an automated control of gas contamination of premises which continuously controls the content of natural gas and carbon monoxide in the room air, and in case of exceeding the permissible norms it alarms and/or shuts off the gas flow through the system.
We provide services in automation and dispatching of the following systems of water supply and waste-water disposal:

  • • external and internal systems of water supply and disposal;
  • • storm and domestic sewage treatment structures;
  • • water pumping stations;
  • • sewage pumping stations;
  • • calculation of the balance of water consumption and water disposal.

We offer you the detailed design of water supply and waste-water disposal systems of the buildings independently of project scale and complexity, as the reliability of the whole system depends on the accurate project design, otherwise system repair and reinstallation would cause huge technical and financial troubles.


Avandsis Group offers services in implementation of projects on creation and modernization of IT and telecommunication networks of the buildings as well as ensuring its safety. Proper use of quality hardware, telecommunication equipment and modern software significantly affects the success and efficiency of your business. Due to the wide growth and variation of modern innovation technologies we develop IT and telecommunication structure of any complexity for different facilities: hotels, business centers, offices, administrative buildings, etc.
Avandsis Group offers only high-class solutions and quality equipment from leading manufacturers of IT products such as Cisco, Huawei, TFortis, HP and others. We offer you a wide and unlimited range of services in building of:

  • • IT infrastructure;
  • • Telecommunication network;
  • • Computer network;
  • • Telephone network;
  • • Television systems;
  • • Conference systems;
  • • Radio network;
  • • Data security.


Avandsis Group provides services in building elevator management and dispatching systems that ensures 24-hour control and regulation of the operation of freight and passenger elevators. Elevator management system integrates systems of security, communication and engineering constructions into unique complex and provides:

  • • negotiation of the passenger with a dispatching post;
  • • signaling about the opening of shaft doors in the absence of an elevator;
  • • timely detection and elimination of possible emergency situations;
  • • creation of a database on the operating mode of the elevator and information on breakdowns;
  • • access control to elevators;
  • • stopping the operation of the elevator when someone enters the elevator shaft, etc.


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are an integral part of every modern building that ensure comfort living and working. Avandsis Group designs and installs modern HVAC systems to buildings of any complexity and number of storeys. We implement automation of HVAC systems to create a more optimal and comfortable environment and use equipment that distinguishes with productivity, efficiency in operation and reliability. Learn more at Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning


Modern buildings have to ensure the safety of people, wealth and information on the highest standard. We develop an integrated building security system that includes a single complex of video surveillance, access control and management, security and fire alarm and public alert. We offer you the latest hardware and software innovations for all existing security systems. Learn more at Security Systems


Various public or private events such as conferences, workshops, meetings, trainings, negotiations and many others rely on the possibilities of information and communication technologies that ensure comfortable communication among participants and demonstration of any kind of materials. The success of the event is largely depends on the choice of suitable technologies and the proper organization of system equipment for the conference halls.
Avandsis Group performs a full range of works on design, selection, installation and programming of audio and video conferencing systems, multimedia systems and information display systems. We offer you quality equipment and experience of highly qualified specialists, thus ensuring an effective organization of your events and providing full access to audio and video information for each participant.
Conference equipment includes:

  • • Delegate unit- a calling microphone panel for the participant's speech;
  • • Chairman unit - a microphone panel with advanced control capabilities;
  • • Central unit, consisting of a mixer, a switch and a device that regulates the coordinated operation of all equipment;
  • • Voting systems;
  • • Software complexes and automation devices;
  • • Interface devices;
  • • Secure communication system.

Avandsis Group offers you solutions from the Bosch Security Systems, the leading manufacturer of conference systems distinguished by reliability, practicality and quality of products in compliance with world standards. We install conference systems from Bosch Security Systems taking into account the design of the room, protection from EM waves and interference from mobile phones and other devices and providing lossless audio and video transmission and enhanced multimedia capabilities.


Over the last 30 years, an implementation of so-called eco-friendly or "green" construction became one of the top global trends in building construction. It implies the use of environmentally friendly construction materials and green innovative technologies that ensure eco-safety for people and the environment, energy saving and energy efficiency, comfort and optimization of the property infrastructure.
The main principles of "green" construction are:

  • • Ecofriendliness;
  • • Effective resource-saving;
  • • Manufacturability;
  • • Economy;
  • • Ergonomics;
  • • Social responsibility.

Avandsis Group develops complex solutions for the design and construction of “green” real estate, including consulting, selection of high-tech equipment, the full range of installation and commissioning, programming and subsequent maintenance of facilities.
Services in real estate certification based on "green" technologies are provided by Ekobüro, subsidiary company of Avandsis Group. Ekobüro implements the certification of real estate in compliance with the requirements of AZS 759-2014 standard (Conformity assessment. Environmental requirements for the real estate) adopted by the State Committee on Standardization, Metrology and Patents of Azerbaijan Republic. Ekobüro also provides services in certification of facilities in compliance with international environmental standards such as BREEAM, LEED, etc.
Real estate certification in compliance with green standards is voluntary and based on energy efficiency, use of renewable or alternative energy sources and rational use of natural resources. The real estate facilities subject to certification include buildings, structures, premises, land plots and unfinished facilities.


Avandsis Group offers you a unique solution for building a modern "Smart Home" system taking into account all the individual preferences, wishes and interests of our customers. Our specialists carry out a full range of works to build the "Smart Home" system, including design, selection and delivery of equipment, installation and commissioning, programming, testing and subsequent maintenance of the system. Management is easily done using the touch panel, computer, mobile phone, tablet and other devices. We guarantee the high professionalism of our employees, the use of high-quality and reliable equipment and the timely performance of the tasks assigned.

Advantages of Smart Home

The Smart Home system has a whole range of unique opportunities, advantages and benefits, combining the latest technologies, modern style and absolute reliability. The main advantages are:

‒ Comfort

The Smart Home system monitors electrical equipment, lighting, multimedia devices, security systems, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water and power supply and selects the optimal regime based on the preferences of the owners of the house. Control elements are integrated into stylish touch panels as well as computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones that allow the control of the Smart Home system regardless of the owner’s location.

‒ Savings

Thanks to the effective control of lighting and operation of electrical equipment, the Smart Home system is characterized by considerable savings. Each engineering system of the house works in an optimal mode in coordination with other systems, while saving not only energy and water resources, but also reducing the financial costs.

‒ Flexibility

Smart Home allows its owners to set any scenarios to manage the different systems and electrical appliances according to their individual wishes and preferences and provides flexibility in use and an optimal combination of unique personality with efficiency and comfort.

Avandsis Group implements the Smart Home systems based on solutions of KNX standard, thus, providing high security and energy efficiency. We use systems and components from the leading manufacturers in the field of intelligent home building, such as Crestron, Bosch, Schneider Electric, Legrand, etc.

Power Supply and Lighting

Water Supply



Security and Monitoring

Smart Home “Crestron”


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