AVANDSİS company has broad experience in designing and integration of automation systems, as well as dispatch of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, electricity, water and gas supply, fire-fighting for industrial, commercial and residential facilities.
We use equipment and software by the world's leading manufacturers including all the latest updates and achievements. We are the leading company in development and construction of multi-level distributed SCADA systems based on high-performance computing platforms in Azerbaijan.


Providing security is a very complex task, which requires combining efforts of many people and involvement of technical facilities. Development of new security systems or modernization of already existing ones on various enterprises is a key to their successful development in the future.

Smart house

AVANDSİS company offers designing, mounting, programming, starting-up and adjustment, and subsequent maintenance of Smart House system to its Customers.  
Our successful experience in projects implementation allows us to find unique solutions, which organize the process, so that all individual requirements and interests of our clients could be taken into account. We are implementing both standard projects, and bold up-to-date ideas.
High professionalism of our employees allows accomplishing all assigned tasks on an appropriate level, while we are always ready to give you professional advices on all issues you are interested in.  
Solutions based on the systems of our partners Schneider Electric and BOSCH

Green technologies

Green technologies term implies designing and construction of residential and non-residential buildings, which will not have harmful and dangerous impact on human health and environment. Projects become green, ecologically clean, given that special technologies and truly ecologically clean materials are used in designing and construction.  
For decades Europe has been implementing the system, wherein using green technologies in construction of residential and non-residential buildings is stimulated by special state benefits in crediting and taxation. Hence, building companies of different levels are interested in receiving respective certificates, providing consumer with power-efficient and ecologically clean dwelling.    
Green construction has more than 20 years of experience abroad and is regulated by international quality control systems. In 1990 BREEAM standard was introduced in UK, in 1998 LEED American standard appeared in USA. Local Зеленые Стандарты (Green Standards) system was registered in Russia only in 2010. Today erection of important projects is impossible without meeting green standards. Erection of 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics projects exemplify this.    
Power supply remains as primary issue on ecological technologies implementation during construction. Specialists say that two thirds of power inputs are spent for heating, and 70% for nothing. At the same time, new frame construction technologies, excluding changes in geometry of house, power-efficient and ecological materials almost exclude street heating and reduce heat loss twice! Proper selection of materials for facades isolation, emissive coverings for windows, quality doors are all included in must-be set, which will essentially reduce the amount of utility expenses in the years ahead.
Solutions by AVANDSİS and its partner BOSCH