Avandsis Group offers services in design and construction of industrial and non-industrial facilities.
Qualified specialists of the company thoroughly design future facility taking into account the preferences and wishes of the customer. Our design services include preparation of project documentation, drawings, layouts, design of building engineering and communication networks, design of parking lots, pedestrian crossings, enclosures and gardens at the area adjacent to the building, and interior design if necessary.
Avandsis Group being licensed to perform building construction and installation work provides construction services for industrial and non-industrial facilities. The importance in the processes of building design and construction is given to environmental, health and safety aspects.


Geodetic works in construction allow to determine the exact location of the facility and its borders, but also to indicate the possibility of deformation of the structures to avoid accidents. Such measures are obligatory during construction of buildings and structures, bridges, roads, power stations, etc.

Avandsis Group offers quality and operative geodetic surveys. You can order a complex of measures or some parts of it.

Having ordered geodetic survey from us you will benefit from:
required specialists, adherence to the sequence of activities of the construction process
and avoidance of purchase of necessary highly accurate equipment.

Save your time and strength – order engineering-geodetic survey from the professional organization.


Preparatory works on the construction site are defined by the construction norms and rules and include following:
- development of earthwork construction project;
- performing geodetic layout of the structures;
- fixing the area for soil quarries and reservoirs;
- creation of temporary driveways and entrances to the construction site;
- preparation of drainage structures, temporary pipelines and power lines;
- land clearing from forest, cutting and removal of stumps, bushes and shrubs, clearing stones and boulders, drainage of surface waters;
- dismantling of structures to be demolished and their underground parts;
- excavation of topsoil and layout the construction site;
- arrangement of the temporary premises, storage areas, warehouses for materials, etc.;
- demolition of buildings and structures.

Specialists of Avandsis Group carry out demolition of the buildings in compliance with legislation, engineering and technological, sanitary, fire and environmental regulations. High competence and responsibility of our specialists, professional organization of works and use of high-performance equipment guarantee high-quality result.

Avandsis Group will perform preparatory works prior to construction with high quality and on schedule. Tell us about your project and we will inform you about the cost of work. Upon contract signature our company is fully responsible for the quality of provided services.


Avandsis Group offers construction of structures of different types:

Concrete and reinforced concrete monolithic structures

Masonry structures

Steel frame structures

We use modern technologies and construction methods, offering every customer an optimal choice that depends on specific construction tasks.
Specialists of Avandsis Group are ready to calculate the cost of work upon your order. We will prepare the scope of work according to your preferences and wishes.


Avandsis Group offers services both in construction of new industrial facilities on undeveloped lands (Greenfield) and in reconstruction of existing industrial facilities and modernization of current production (Brownfield).


Avandsis Group offers services in engineering of industrial refrigeration installations that can be used as independently operating structures that include:
warehouses equipped with loading platforms;
technical premises which contain aggregates of refrigeration installations, reservoirs and other technological units;
administration and other office premises


Specialists of Avandsis Group will help you choose the right roofing and related materials. After all, the success of entire project depends on the right choice. Installations of roofing require qualification, knowledge and experience, so it is better to use services provided by professionals.

Flat roofing

Flat roof structure assumes the coating of roof slabs with layers of different materials. It does not need any special skills as for sloped roofing. Main requirement is to prepare roof surface: clean the wastes, repair scratches and other. Currently the most popular types of flat roofing are membrane, mastic and heat fused roofing.

Sloped roofing

Sloped roof structure is different from flat roof. Sloped roofs can be of several types and the choice depends on the preferences of the customer. For example, the most common type of sloped roofing is flexible shingles. Such kind of roofing suits roofs of any shape.
Metal roofs made of corrugated metal sheets, metal tiles or standing seam are more suitable for single- and multi-slope roofs. Choice of roofing type depends on many factors such as frequency of precipitation, prevailing winds and location close to the industrial areas that emit a large amount of harmful substances that may destroy roof surface.


Would you like to have a beautiful house or presentable building?

We will help to realize your wish, make it eye-catching from both inside and outside, but also fitting to its surroundings.
MixStudio being a subsidiary of Avandsis Group provides external and internal finishing work, including both technical and decorative aspects with the use of modern technologies:

  • - Facade finishing;
  • - Interior finishing (all design styles and trends).

Use the services of Avandsis Group in selection of color, material, shape and purpose, balance and symmetry, lighting, doors, gardening, windows and roofing.
We give special importance to quality of used materials and their ecological safety and guarantee that all works are performed by experienced and qualified specialists.


Avandsis Group has all necessary construction machinery and equipment to perform the territory improvement.
We conduct the whole range of activities for improvement:

  • • land clearance (cutting off trees, branches, removal of stumps, etc.);
  • • earthworks;
  • • construction of retaining walls;
  • • drainage layout;
  • • paving with paving slabs and natural stones;
  • • curb and sidewalk layout;
  • • asphaltic concrete installation;
  • • installation of small architectural shapes – vases, benches, pergolas, garden furniture, small bridges, horizontal bars, playground equipment, fences and enclosures;
  • • installation of outdoor lighting;
  • • landscape gardening (planting flowers, grass, bushes, trees, etc.);
  • • installation of technical means to adjust road traffic;
  • • road surface marking with paint or thermoplastic marking.

Mobile brigades of Avandsis Group implement the whole range of activities for territory improvement. We use modern machinery and newest techniques for improvement and landscaping during our work. All activities are performed upon agreement on scope of work with the customer in order to consider all necessary requirements and wishes.

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