Avandsis Group offers you a range of services in development of technical solutions to build turnkey individual low-voltage power systems, installation and maintenance of medium- and high-voltage equipment for industrial, civilian and other facilities. We design low-voltage power supply systems and carry out reconstruction of electrical installations considering correct combination of newly installed networks with networks of different voltages.
The range of services includes:

  • • design;
  • • selection, assembly and delivery of equipment;
  • • installation and commissioning;;
  • • maintenance and repair;
  • • comprehensive survey of existing electrical installations;
  • • retrofit and modernization of electrical installations;
  • • training of personnel to work with new equipment.

Moreover, we offer you services in design and assembly of turnkey electrical and control panels of any complexity using quality components from well-known manufacturers and provide a complete set of documentation that meets international technical standards as well as the norms and requirements of Azerbaijan Republic. We guarantee best quality control of electrical equipment and offer best practice of our highly qualified specialists.


Avandsis Group offers high-quality services in design, installation and maintenance of low-voltage electrical systems and equipment (up to 1 kV) and guarantees uninterrupted and safe power supply and operation of electrical networks in both residential and industrial facilities. The range of our services includes:

  • • installation and maintenance of permanent equipment and power equipment as well as conversion and distribution devices;
  • • installation and maintenance of networks and systems of control, protection, automation, measurement and alarm;
  • • layout of direct and alternating current power cables;
  • • installation of outdoor and interior lighting networks, grounding devices of all types and circuit ground;
  • • installation, reconstruction and modernization of electrical equipment and electrical installations;
  • • repair of dispatching and manufacturing control devices;
  • • carrying out work to extend operational life of equipment;
  • • supply, installation and maintenance of uninterruptible power sources and electric generators.

We offer only high-quality, safe products from well-known manufacturers that have passed certification and comply with government regulations:

  • ‒ low-voltage switchgear, including control switchgear (automation and energy counting cabinets, etc.), low-voltage current distribution equipment (distribution boards and cabinets), switchgear with pull-out modules, in blocks or boxes as well as combined low-voltage equipment (power supply combined with hydraulics or pneumatics), etc.;
  • ‒ fuses that protect against electric grid overloads and cable fires due to a uniform current distribution and prevent damage to electrical appliances by automatic disconnection from the circuit;
  • ‒ differential protection devices that protect against electric shock in case of contact with various electrical devices when insulation is damaged;
  • ‒ switching devices (sockets, switches, plugs, circuit breakers) that allow controlling the switching on/off of electricity in the network and controlling household and professional electrical appliances;
  • ‒ stabilizers and voltage converters that increase poor power quality through power factor correction to ensure proper operation of equipment;
  • ‒ transformers and power sources used to convert AC to DC and reduce high voltage, thus preventing overheating of devices and possible damage from short circuits or voltage surges;
  • ‒ electric meters that allow to reduce the costs for consumed electric power and maintain the networks;
  • ‒ low-voltage wires and cables used for connection to networks of up to 380V of domestic electrical installations.


Avandsis Group offers services in installation and maintenance of medium-voltage equipment in various industrial and commercial facilities. We install medium-voltage equipment (6-35 kV) to equip power substations, industrial plants, construction and transport facilities as well as any other facility where protection from the high voltage is required.
Our services include:

  • • installation and commissioning of:
    • • cables (power, control and lighting);
    • • outdoor and indoor switchgears;
    • • metal-clad switchgear - outdoor and indoor, stationary and withdrawable;
    • • power transformers, current transformers and voltage transformers;
    • • disconnectors;
    • • switches;
  • • repair and maintenance of equipment.

We offer medium-voltage switchgear for receiving and distributing electricity and power supply to main drives and low-voltage distribution systems, including:

  • • chambers of prefabricated one-sided equipment;
  • • switching and measuring devices;
  • • prefabricated and connection busbars;
  • • emergency shutdown devices;
  • • auxiliary devices;
  • • protection devices for automation, telemechanics and communications.

Installation work is carried out by a group of highly qualified Avandsis Group specialists and all the equipment meets modern standards of quality and energy security that guarantees reliable and safe operation of the installed power supply systems.


Avandsis Group offers services in installation of high-voltage equipment (110 - 154 kV), including 110/35/10 kV, 110/35 kV and 110/10 (6) kV substations as well as:

  • • power transformers of different designs, voltages and capacities;
  • • auxiliary transformers;
  • • batteries of static capacitors;
  • • reactive power compensators;/li>
  • • outdoor and indoor switchgear;
  • • sections of metal-clad switchgears for outdoor and indoor installation;
  • • vacuum and SF6 circuit breakers;
  • • disconnectors with one or two grounding blades, electric or mechanical drive;
  • • dischargers with discharge counters.

When assembling and installing substations, we also install:

  • • isolators;
  • • prefabricated busbar system;
  • • line accessories;
  • • hardware clamps;
  • • portals;
  • • ground loop of the entire substation and electrical equipment;
  • • floodlight tower with lightning rod;
  • • battery with charger;
  • • a high-frequency stopper with connection filter;
  • • lighting and structural parts of outdoor and indoor switchgear and control room;
  • • busbar switchgear;
  • • relay protection, automation and measurement;
  • • connection of secondary switchgear and power cables (0.4 kV), etc.

We implement all projects on power supply considering the needs and requirements of our customers and have serious requirements for installation, operation, maintenance and repair of high-voltage equipment. We also test installed power supply systems and carry out diagnostics of existing systems which allows us to find faults and prevent accidents in the system. All installation and maintenance work is carried out by our qualified specialists, so that reliable and uninterrupted operation of the power supply system is ensured.


Avandsis Group implements turnkey design, assembly and installation of power panels and control cabinets of any complexity (up to 4000 A) and uses components and parts for panel assembly from global manufacturers. Panel assembly is carried out by highly qualified personnel according to our design or customer project specifications in strict compliance with international technical standards as well as local norms and requirements. We offer our customers high-quality components, best quality control and warranty on our products.

We perform assembling and installation of the following types of panels:

  • • Main distribution board (MDB): receives and distributes electrical power throughout the building or a separate part of it in a three-phase alternating current network of 380/220V - 660/380V and a frequency of 50 Hz. The MDB contains automatic emergency protection against any overloads and short circuits as well as devices for electrical power metering;
  • • Lead-in distributor (LID): receives and distributes electrical power among electric groups in the building, performs counting of power in three-phase AC networks of 380/220 V and a frequency of 50 Hz, protects lines from short circuits and overloads. The LID is installed at the input of the power cable;
  • • Automatic transfer switch (ATS): automatically switches to backup power during disconnection of the main power source or power outage and returns to main power when it is restored. ATS provides constant monitoring of the presence of voltage in the circuits of the main and backup power sources, compares current ​​and set values of voltage and detects deviations from the norm;
  • • Distribution board for multi-storey buildings: receives electric power on the storey and distributes it among distribution boards of apartments located on this storey of the building;
  • • Distribution boards for apartments of multi-storey buildings: count and distribute electric power inside apartments, small cottages or houses;
  • • Lighting control panel: receives and distributes AC power at a frequency of 50 Hz as well as switches on/off infrequently the group circuit lines, breaks off the electric chains, ensures overload protection and faults the three-phase AC networks;
  • • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS): ensures uninterrupted power supply of equipment and devices of paramount importance such as computers, control and monitoring systems, medical equipment, alarm and other systems;
  • • Auxiliary power unit (APU): provides AC power supply (0.4 kV) for equipment of auxiliary substations and power stations (lighting, heating, etc.);
  • • Control cabinets: ensure control and automation of various engineering equipment, technological processes, emergency alarm, information transfer to the control center, execution of operator's commands, distribution of electric power and protection of consumers and equipment and many other operations.

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