Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) represent an integral part of the modern real estate based on the latest technologies to maintain the specified air parameters such as temperature, humidity and chemical composition within a building, premise or structure in order to create a comfortable microclimate for humans, plants, animals and valuables. Automation of HVAC systems simplifies the management of all climate equipment in the building and saves the energy spent on creating and maintaining a comfortable microclimate.
Avandsis Group offers you innovative solutions in design and development of HVAC systems and sanitary engineering, performs installation and commissioning works, writing algorithms and programs that ensure integration of ventilation, air conditioning, heating stations, heating and refrigeration equipment of a building or an industrial facility into a single management complex as well as further maintenance of the installed systems. We offer you a high-performance, efficient and reliable equipment for both industrial and civil sectors from the world’s leading manufacturers of HVAC systems such as Daikin, WILO, York, Hitachi, McQuay, GREE, Grundfos, Danfoss, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric, Toshiba, AstralPool, Rhoss, Carel and others.


Avandsis Group offers you various types of heating systems for buildings of any size and intended use in order to provide heat and create a favorable microclimate throughout the whole year. We install three main types of heating systems:

  • • Traditional heating: water heated in the boiler circulates through the system of pipes and radiators and provides heat in the rooms;
  • • Warm air heating: heated air is transferred to the rooms or premises through the air ducts;
  • • Direct electric heating: the room is heated by infra-red radiators, electric convectors and other electric heaters.

Using the automatic temperature controllers that react to the ambient temperature, modern heating systems maintain the required temperature in each room or premise and save up to 60% of energy resources.
We design a heating system along with the ventilation and air conditioning systems of premises during the early stages of the building or house construction and coordinate the work with the main construction contractors as installation of the traditional heating system requires the availability of separate boiler rooms.
We offer you the most modern self-contained heating units from leading manufacturers that will ensure warmth and comfort even during the worst frosts.


Air ventilation provides constant inflow of fresh air and is significant to maintain the necessary air cleanliness, temperature and humidity in the room. For complex projects of HVAC system development, Avandsis Group offers you high-quality ventilation equipment from leading manufacturers that will be installed and programmed by our qualified specialists.
We have the following basic requirements for ventilation systems during HVAC project design:

  • • supply of fresh air necessary for normal life and work of people;
  • • maintenance of air purity via filtration from various contaminants and toxic impurities;
  • • removal of moisture from structural elements;
  • • maintenance of the necessary air temperature and humidity;
  • • providing sound insulation in the rooms;
  • • saving of electric power due to heat recuperation between fresh and retracted air.


Avandsis Group implements design, delivery, installation, commissioning as well as warranty and maintenance service of air conditioning equipment taking into account personal customer requests. Qualified and competent specialists of our company offer air conditioning equipment on the basis of detailed design and individual approach to each task. We use the latest modern technologies, high-quality consumables and fastening materials and guarantee a sound quality of our work.
Our company is a partner and official distributor of the world's leading manufacturers of different air conditioning equipment:

  • • room air conditioners;
  • • industrial air conditioners;
  • • systems with chillers and fan coil units;
  • • split and multi-split systems;
  • • multi-zone systems;
  • • rooftop and cabinet air conditioners;
  • • precision air conditioners, etc.


Avandsis Group designs and implements projects on installation and operation of sanitary engineering equipment for residential, office and industrial buildings and performs mounting and repair works as well as maintenance of installed systems. We create reliable engineering networks and communications based on many years of experience and using high-quality products from leading manufacturers, and, thereby, guarantee the effective and long-term operation of heating, hot and cold water supply and sewage, ventilation, irrigation, fire extinguishing and smoke removal systems.
We install sanitary engineering equipment during the early construction stages of buildings of any size and intended use and offer an abundant range of products:

  • • pipes:
    • • metal pipes (cast iron, steel and copper);
    • • polymer pipes (polyethylene, polyvinylchloride, polypropylene);
    • • metal-plastic pipes (polyethylene, aluminium);
  • • fittings:
    • • detachable (threaded);
    • • all-in-one (compression or welded);/li>
    • • rotary;
    • • adapter fittings;
    • • stub fittings;
  • • shut-off and control valves;
  • • safety relief valves;
  • • fittings for heating;
  • • heat radiators;
  • • expansion tanks;
  • • air ducts;
  • • meters (gas meters, hot and cold water meters);
  • • instrumentation;
  • • filters, housings and cartridges;
  • • convectors;
  • • collectors, etc.


Avandsis Group develops projects on turnkey installation and automation of refrigeration systems, including delivery, mounting and commissioning works, programming and maintenance of various refrigeration equipment used for storage, cooling, freezing and shock freezing of various products. The temperature range in the installed refrigeration units depends on the set parameters and ranges from +15 to ˗40 °C.
An automatic control system for refrigeration unit usually contains a circulator pump, a compressor, a condenser, a receiver, heat exchangers, an evaporator, solenoid valves, temperature and security sensors, motors, magnetic starters and alarm elements.
Automation of refrigeration units allows to:

  • • collect and archive data on system operation;
  • • maintain the set temperature;
  • • control system performance;
  • • save significantly the energy resources;
  • • reduce cable and equipment expenses;
  • • improve the safety of the unit due to:
    • • monitoring system operation and preventing emergencies;
    • • elimination of human errors;
    • • reducing the risk of electric shock due to the use of a safe voltage of 12V.

During automation of refrigeration systems that operate using various types of refrigerants (ammonia, propane, freon, etc.), our specialists implement a reliable protection and alarm system to ensure timely notification of refrigerant leaks or other malfunctions of the system and prevent an emergency that is critical in explosive and harmful industrial atmospheres.


Avandsis Group offers services in automation and dispatching of HVAC systems that ensure competent control of climate parameters and create maximum comfort in the premises of residential, industrial or commercial buildings.
The advantages of HVAC system automation are:

  • • reliable protection of the building in emergency situations;
  • • reducing the impact of the human factor;
  • • saving energy resources and reducing financial costs;
  • • microclimate planning according to personal customer requests.

Automation of ventilation facilitates the management and control of ventilation equipment in accordance with the set parameters and individual wishes of the customer and provides:

  • • strict control over the main air parameters;
  • • distribution of the air flow directions through the system;
  • • air purification from contaminants and impurities.

We implement automation of air handling units (AHU) using an appropriate software and equipment: compressor-condensing units, fans, temperature and humidity sensors, pumping equipment and fire-fighting valves.
Automation of heating ensures efficient operation of heating equipment and allows to:

  • • save significantly on energy costs;
  • • maintain the temperature at the required level;
  • • change the operating mode depending on time of the day;
  • • adjust the microclimate of the room depending on the weather.

The equipment to be automated includes boiler equipment, injectors, pumps and heat exchangers, radiators and floor heating contours.
Automation of air conditioning optimizes an operation of the entire HVAC system and contributes to:

  • • changing the mode of air heating and cooling in the room taking into account the weather conditions;
  • • energy saving;
  • • noise reduction;
  • • extension of equipment operation life due to its economical use.

We implement automation of any air conditioning equipment from leading manufacturers in the field of HVAC, including precision air conditioners and multi-zone VRV/VRF systems using chillers, fan coil units and split systems for both industrial and civil sectors.


Avandsis Group is an official distributor of the Italian company CAREL, the world leader in production of building control systems, in particular HVAC. CAREL offers controllers, operator dashboards, communication gateways and software for building of the climate control systems that meet international quality standards.
Based on CAREL components, we successfully implement installation and automation of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. The CAREL automation system includes:

  • • software for controllers designed to control air conditioners, plate heat exchangers, freezers, air handling units, central air conditioners and other equipment;
  • • air quality, temperature and humidity sensors that transmit data on the status of climate equipment to controllers and are installed inside and outside the premises, as well as in ducts;
  • • final control elements - PWM controllers with frequency converters that control fan speed and are equipped with EMI filters and electronic thermostatic expansion valves for equipment with freon refrigerants.

CAREL control panels assembled from the above components allow to control and monitor HVAC systems depending on the needs of customers. CAREL control system equipment is tested regularly and passes strict quality control. It fully complies with international standards, allows to solve issues of complex automation and management of climate equipment.

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