Ensuring safety and security is essential for society’s well-being and requires qualified specialists and reliable technologies. Avandsis Group offers you planning, development, implementation and optimization of solutions to build a new or upgrade an existing security system of buildings of any size and complexity. Main protection objects of the designed security system are people, information and material valuables. Due to the large experience and application of the latest technologies as well as the ability to analyze information about real threats and their consequences, the security systems provided by Avandsis Group are multifunctional, effective and ensure required level of security.
We offer the latest security systems of:

  • • video surveillance;
  • • access control;
  • • perimeter protection;
  • • emergency and fire alarms,
  • • fire extinguishing and smoke removal,
  • • sound announcement.

Being a regional partner of OCTOPUSA Control & Command company we offer state of the art security control systems that combine, analyze and archive all information sent from video surveillance cameras, access control and perimeter protection systems, for instance, the physical security information management system.


Ensuring cybersecurity when all processes are automated and connected to a single network has become critical. Cyberthreats are not a new phenomenon, but over the last decade the significance of risks associated with them has multiplied and industrial cybersecurity risks have emerged. In the modern world, the requirements for automated process control systems have changed, they can no longer remain isolated from the outside world. Particular attention should be paid to the increasing role of automation solutions within the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) concept.
The motivations behind cyberattacks are diverse: financial benefits, desire to harm competitors, political pressure and other. Sometimes cyberattacks are committed for personal reasons by dissatisfied employees or contractors. Indeed, the damage from unauthorized penetration is significant. It is not only unplanned production stops and equipment breakdowns, but also serious reputational risk, leakage of confidential information, threat to life and health of people, an increased risk of accidents and even technogenic disasters.

Risk factors are following:

  • • weak overall cybersecurity culture;
  • • hardware and software loopholes;
  • • use of commercial IT solutions;
  • • human errors;
  • • insufficient qualification of employees;
  • • legal uncertainty.

Avandsis Group offers a comprehensive solution package and services to minimize cybersecurity risks:

  • • Risk assessment and services in design of automation systems that help you to identify the greatest risks, detect focus areas to mitigate these risks and apply the elements of network architecture that are necessary to minimize the risks associated with cyberthreats;
  • • Ongoing maintenance of automation systems monitoring, control and security in order to quickly isolate emerging threats;
  • • Recommendations in the form of reference architectures that help you to apply an appropriate approach to your systems in order to solve problems;
  • • Proposal of a complete set of means and tools to directly address the challenges of ensuring cybersecurity for future consideration.


Avandsis Group offers services in design and implementation of video surveillance system for both industrial and civilian facilities. The main advantages of the system are:

  • • ability to view and monitor the entire protected territory;
  • • continuity of control at any time of the day;
  • • motion detection in controlled areas;
  • • data collection and archiving;
  • • automatic recognition and comparison of data with the archive;
  • • reducing the costs for additional hiring and payment for the security guards;
  • • efficiency in case of emergency situations.

Highly qualified specialists of Avandsis Group have a large experience in design and installation of video surveillance system and consider all of the requirements for arrangement of the video surveillance system of facility. We carefully select the required number of CCTV cameras, design the location of cameras in order to avoid "blind zones" and create partial overlap of observation zones to obtain a more accurate image of the entire protected territory. To ensure effective security, video surveillance system is integrated with other security systems.
We install digital and analog, wired and wireless CCTV cameras of any design (PTZ, dome, with housing, etc.) for both outdoor and indoor use. The choice of suitable cameras depends on the project task and surrounding conditions (explosion-proof cameras, cameras with a housing protected from dust and moisture, anti-corrosion and anti-vandal cameras, etc.).
For most industrial facilities we offer the use of thermal CCTV cameras that not only protect the industrial zone from unauthorized intrusion, but also partially serve as a fire and process safety system providing information on equipment overheating, damage caused by freezing, the presence of open fire in the area, etc. We also offer handheld thermographic cameras and observational thermal monoculars as well as body-warn cameras for security guards to strengthen the security system of any industrial facility.
Avandsis Group offers one of the leading security solutions both for separate protected facilities and for a whole set of different facilities and zones, an implementation of a face recognition system that automatically identifies a person using disparate CCTV cameras and specially developed algorithms to process and compare data with existing databases.
We present a wide range of reliable video surveillance cameras and components from the world's leading brands such as Hikvision, PELCO by Schneider Electric, Bosch and others.


Access control system (ACS) as part of an integrated security system along with video surveillance and security alarm is one of the most effective tools of protection against unauthorized entry of violators into protected territory and controlling access of employees to some zones and premises. The access control system provided by Avandsis Group ensures a high level of security of personnel and material valuables as well as an increase in the profitability of the enterprise.
The main possibilities and advantages of the designed ACS include:

  • • Control and restriction of access to the building or facility: the person without a certain access (card or badge identifiers) to the secured zone or the building is not able to enter it. In addition, the ACS monitors the repeated passes, so that entries of several persons using the same identifier are excluded.
  • • Protection of information and material valuables: ACS allows you to prevent thefts by both outsiders and personnel using electric door latches, electromagnetic and electromechanical locks that lock the door when person enters or leaves the room. Access back is possible only if there is an appropriate pass card. The ACS can be programmed to deny access to the building on weekends, in the evening or at night and to differentiate the access rights of employees to certain zones.
  • • Efficient monitoring: ACS system "monitors" all points of entry and exit and sends information to the dispatching center in real time, thus, allowing to remotely lock or open doors in case of emergency.
  • • Control of employee discipline and calculation of work hours: ACS allows you to easily track the time of employee check-in and check-out and their movement, therefore, excluding cases of data falsification. The ACS module makes it possible to compile an individual work schedule for each employee, excluding the unregulated work hours and considering overtime work according to the company overtime policy.
  • • Automation of registration and pass recording: ACS modules contain the possibility of staff check-in/out and automated issue of passes, which facilitates the work of personnel, minimizes labor costs for the preparation of time sheets, keeping staff records and issuing passes.
  • • Significant economic impact: automated equipment allows you to save on hiring personnel and security guards, correct wage distribution according to automatically recorded work hours, avoidance of the costs possible in case of loss or theft of information and material valuables.

We design ACS systems depending on the type and intended use of the protected facility and use the necessary equipment and components from the world’s leading manufacturing companies:

  • • boom barriers, bollards, tire killers;
  • • security screening equipment;
  • • metal detectors;
  • • turnstiles and wicket gates;
  • • impact resistant, bullet and blast resistant, fire resistant and steel doors;
  • • electromechanical, electromagnetic locks and latches, door closers;
  • • Controllers and readers:
    • • RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) card readers;
    • • Biometric readers (fingerprint, palm-veins, retina readers);
  • • identifiers (cards, key rings, keys, bracelets, etc.);
  • • exit buttons;
  • • intercoms, call buttons, etc.

Avandsis Group uses reliable ACS products from well-known manufacturers such as HikVision, Schneider Electric, Suprema, ProSoft Biometrics, Nedap, Ozak, Gunnebo, Sigur and others.


The system of perimeter security and protection is a complex of engineering solutions that prevent the intrusion of violator into protected territory, damage to life and health of people, theft of material valuables ​​from the building or facility, etc.
In order to prevent various threats, Avandsis Group specialists design optimal perimeter protection and security systems that meet the set protection tasks. We select advanced equipment: sensors, antennas, detectors, power supplies, actuators, controllers and software from reliable manufacturers such as Magos, RBtec, Ubiquity, etc., and carefully analyze all the necessary factors and conditions of the protected territory: weather conditions (temperature, sun, wind, rain, snow), close location to habitats and migration routes of wild animals and birds, etc. When designing security systems, we also take into account and exclude the possibility of triggering a false alarm.

The choice of ways to detect the intrusion and tactics of perimeter protection of the facility is carried out by a team of Avandsis Group professionals who have large experience in solving tasks of any complexity. We offer you the following protection systems:
Infrared perimeter protection system transmits a signal when one of the infrared rays emitted from the transmitter is interrupted or when changes in the thermal background during motion in the protected territory are recorded;
Vibration perimeter protection system includes a sensor cable that generates and transmits a sound alarm when touched;
Vibration and acoustic perimeter protection system includes an acoustic sensor that detects vibration of the ground along the optical cable during motion;
Optoelectronic perimeter protection system includes detectors transmitting a signal when a zone with installed executive relay is crossed;
Radio wave perimeter protection system includes a pair of parallel cables that generate an electromagnetic field in between and transmit a signal when an object is detected in the field;
Radio beam perimeter protection system includes a transmitter and receiver that generate an electromagnetic field in elliptical shape and transmit signals when an object is detected in the field;
Radar-based perimeter protection system provides 24/7 all-weather protection of facilities and facilitates the detection of extraneous objects (people, land, air and sea transport, etc.) in a vast territory. The system is often used to ensure the antiterrorist security of strategic facilities, military and industrial complexes, airports and other critical objects. Using special software, the radar system is able not only to detect moving targets, but also to classify them according to the number, shape and type of the motion: a person or a group of people, a vehicle, a ship, a drone, an airplane, an area of ​​intensive motion, etc.; to determine the location, direction and speed of movement and to track routes of movement.
Perimeter security systems that use seismic sensors, such as fiber optic cables, vibration-sensitive “microphonic” cables (triboelectric transducer, electromagnetic, piezoelectric cables), long radio wave sensors (standing wave cables), magnetometric sensor elements, linear barometric pressure sensors and discrete magnetometric sensors, represent a seismic perimeter protection system which has the following advantages:

  • • underground sensor installation provides an effective camouflage;
  • • installed in the ground sensors allow you to protect the perimeter, where the installation of barriers, fences, etc. is not possible due to:
    • • climatic and geographic criteria - mountain slopes, river banks, forest tracts, etc.;
    • • aesthetic criteria - museum complexes, architectural monuments, historical sites, etc.;
  • • hidden installation of sensors provides an effective protection of the security system itself from intentional damage or sabotage.

Waterside protection and security systems are used to protect the water area and related facilities and include underwater and water surface detection systems of small vessels and swimmers-saboteurs. The designed systems are able to detect, bear, track and detain the violator in underwater and above the water. The system includes:

  • • thermal imagers of a circular view;
  • • sonar stations;
  • • rotary chambers;
  • • radar stations;
  • • volumetric and magnetometric detection means;
  • • engineering security structures.

To increase the effectiveness of perimeter protection, Avandsis Group successfully integrates the perimeter protection systems with security alarm and video surveillance systems.


Avandsis Group implements design, installation and maintenance of security and emergency alarm as well as its integration with voice announcement and evacuation systems, access control, perimeter protection and CCTV.
The installed alarm system allows to prevent unauthorized access to a room or building and to trigger security sensors sending information to the control panel, providing protection and security of the object. In addition to the possibility of detecting an intrusion attempt, the system allows you to record the time and place of intrusion.
We also install emergency buttons in various institutions and places of mass gathering, for instance cafes, banks, shopping centers, etc. When pressing a emergency button, the signal is transmitted to the security point and the police forces are automatically called in, thus, ensuring the protection of both personnel and visitors. The design and installation of this system is carried out by our professionals who guarantee reliable operation of emergency alarm equipment and the whole system.
We install different sensors depending on the response factor:

  • • volumetric infrared sensors;
  • • magnetic contact sensors (reed switches);
  • • acoustic sensors;
  • • vibrating sensors;
  • • ultrasonic sensors;
  • • beam sensors;
  • • capacitive sensors;
  • • sensors with a directional detection diagram.

Our qualified specialists design a security and emergency alarm system according to all requirements of fire safety, ensuring minimization of possible damages in case of accidents. To build the system, we use certified modern equipment from world’s leading manufacturers such as Schneider Electric, Bolid, Bosch and others.


Sound announcement and evacuation control systems are important to build security system of any modern facility. Qualified engineers of Avandsis Group prepare individual solutions in sound announcement for every facility and offer best equipment for their implementation. The main task of the sound announcement system is to notify people about the emergency (emergency notification) on-time as well as the safe and rapid evacuation ways to prevent damage to people lives and health
The announcement system is usually designed for daily use, for instance, broadcasting background music, advertising, sports and service messages, however in case of an emergency people are notified by voice/alarm and visually.
We design and install several types of announcement systems: manual and automatic, wired and wireless, single-zone and multi-zone, single-channel and multi-channel, local and centralized, analog and digital. We offer modern sound and voice announcement equipment from well-known brands such as Bosch, iTC, Polycom, etc. in accordance with individually designed projects:

  • • in-wall, in-ceiling and horn loudspeakers;
  • • outdoor sound systems;
  • • explosion-proof, waterproof, dustproof, fire-rated loudspeakers;
  • • streaming amplifiers;
  • • remote control panels;
  • • sound sources;
  • • sound projectors;
  • • microphones;
  • • mixers;
  • • megaphones.

The installed equipment meets international standards, has high sound reproduction quality, modular architecture for needs of expansion, increased reliability of elements and simplicity in mounting and use.
Emergency notification system is designed to send alerts to separate rooms, separate floors and to the whole building as well as outside. There are various types of alerts used: sound - bell, siren, two-toned signal; speech - specially prepared texts; lights - flashing signals, "Exit" light board, evacuation direction indicators, etc.


Fire security systems are required for all real estate objects ranging from residential and office buildings to significant military and industrial facilities, as fire risks increase with growth in number of electrical equipment and power supply of real estate. Avandsis Group offers development of solutions to ensure fire security of real estate, integrating alarm, notification and evacuation of people with fire extinguishing systems. Our qualified specialists design a reliable fire security system using certified equipment from leading manufacturing companies such as Schneider Electric, Bolid, Bosch, iTCnet, etc.
Coordination of all integrated building security systems is carried out at the operator control panel: notification and evacuation management, elevator and escalator management, control of doors, ventilation and air conditioning, industrial television, fire alarm, fire extinguishing by water and gas and smoke removal.

Fire alarm and notification

We install fire alarm system using a set of technical means for timely detection of a fire at the protected territory and implement its automation, ensuring the immediate transmission of signal to the security control panel when fire is detected as well as the launching of a fire alarm and automatic fire extinguishing, smoke removal and other equipment. We program fire alarm system with the ability to transmit audio, voice and/or flashing light signals to individual floors or into a whole building depending on the requirements of fire security system of every facility.

Fire extinguishing and smoke removal

During design of fire security systems, Avandsis Group installs fire extinguishing systems that allow you to immediately extinguish or suppress fire or wait for the arrival of professional firefighters with minimal losses. We install various types of fire extinguishing systems: water, gas, powder, aerosol and foam, in accordance with the environment of the protected facility. Fire extinguishing and smoke removal systems represent components of HVAC engineering systems, while carrying the safety function.
Avandsis Group offers you:

  • • selection of the best fit fire extinguishing and smoke removal system;
  • • designing the most effective positioning of system components in the premise;
  • • making the necessary calculations;
  • • mounting in any type of premises;
  • • maintenance of systems.

Distinctive features of the designed fire extinguishing systems are:

  • • autonomous operation of the system that excludes human factor and allows quick and adequate response to a fire, while information on all technical processes is displayed on security control panel in real time;
  • • extension of system and equipment service life due to timely monitoring of equipment operating hours and alarming in case of need for preventive and repair works;
  • • improvement of system reliability through identification of the causes of emergencies according to the event log and actions to prevent the occurrence of an accident in the future;
  • • monitoring and managing processes at any time in any part of the world via the Internet and mobile communications;
  • • reducing operating costs by reducing the costs for highly skilled personnel, energy consumption and improving the reliability of the equipment.

Avandsis Group has been licensed by local regulatory authority bodies to perform installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire protection systems. Specialists of the company have a high professional level, huge practice and experience in design and building of fire extinguishing and smoke removal systems and use reliable products of world-known manufacturers.


To ensure safety of the cities, Avandsis Group offers "Safe City" project based on video analytics software package solutions that help to detect emergency situations, promptly respond and take measures to eliminate their consequences.
"Safe City" monitors operation of all urban systems, ensures safety of all residents and urban infrastructure, receives and archives information about events and provides received information to involved security services.
The objects of monitoring are:

  • • residential facilities;
  • • municipal buildings, schools and kindergartens;
  • • objects of industrial and energy complexes;
  • • objects of transport infrastructure;
  • • places of mass gatherings.

Within the framework of the "Safe City" project, Avandsis Group designs and installs outdoor video surveillance systems and establishes a central security control point. The complex information system is capable of accumulating, grouping and analyzing various data received from multiple sources of the system.
The main goals and objectives of the "Safe City" project are:

  • • ensuring the protection of public order and public safety;
  • • increasing the effectiveness and coordination of actions of operative services;
  • • suppression of antisocial behavior and vandalism;
  • • ability to quickly obtain information from urban facilities and access to video archives;
  • • strengthening the security of city's strategically important facilities;
  • • increasing the speed of notification and providing relevant information to the public about threat in crisis situations.

For successful video analysis within the framework of the "Safe City" project, Avandsis Group integrates three main components:

  • • Service detectors for automatic monitoring of video signal quality and monitoring of camera operation:
    Determine the cameras malfunctions such as video loss, breakdown of the auto-adjustment system of the diaphragm, natural pollution of the lens; and automatically recognize the situations of sabotage such as camera obstruction or lens closing, defocusing, changing the position of the camera and blinding the camera sensor.
  • • Label detectors for quick search in the video archive:
    Label the large-scale video archive volumes and facilitate search for video analytics events for law enforcement agencies that analyze the committed offense and for system operators that identify and classify the incidents.
  • • Situational video analytics for operational alarms:
    Allows to automatically recognize and alert on the occurrence of alarming situations in public places: crowding, fast moving, moving against the flow, fire or smoke, intrusion to the forbidden territory, people falling on rails, traffic accidents, abandoned items, banned parking and much more.

Face Recognition System

In order to ensure safety of cities, large settlements and strategic facilities, Avandsis Group offers an implementation of a face recognition system that automatically identifies a person through disparate CCTV cameras and specially developed algorithms for data processing and comparing it with an existing database:

  • • recognizes faces captured by face detector and compares them to a reference image database;
  • • despite the possible remote location of the facilities, system can have a single control center - single ID checklist and single face recognition database;
  • • notifies the operators in all cases of unauthorized entry;
  • • creates various reports (according to groups, time, cameras, names).

Suitability: camera automatically takes photos without operator control;
Visibility: detection of personality is carried out without the need to refer to specialists;
Speed: multiple faces are captured and analyzed in real time;
Convenience: the task is performed using simple video surveillance cameras.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Avandsis Group offers new integrated solution to protect critical infrastructure ― a new generation of "all-in-one" platform to ensure electronic security, cybersecurity and operations management.
Only one measure that receives all data about incidents and threats from several sources combines it and uses advanced analytics to show the real-life situation.

The advantages of this solution are:

  • • Ease of deployment procedures;
  • • Dispatching and managing of all systems of facility via single user interface;
  • • Participation in two-way communication with employees/subscribers through a mobile app.

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