AVANDSİS company have been successfully performing as security system, IT and telecommunications, electric power supply, automation and dispatching integrator for many years.
We are realizing orders of any complexity and volume, by developing project documentation, performing selection, supply, mounting, programming, starting-up and adjustment and maintenance of high-tech equipment and complex systems.


AVANDSİS company presents complete cycle of services on designing of engineering systems, including:
• pre-project inspection;
• concept development;
• project documentation development;
• equipment supply;
• mounting, supervision;
• equipment starting-up and adjustment, and programming;
• after-sales service.
Our specialists are ready to provide comprehensive consultations on designing of engineering systems and their commissioning.

Realization of the following engineering systems of building is within our competence:
• Automation and dispatching system (including designing of monitoring systems and engineering systems management (MSES for buildings);
• Smart house intelligent management system;
• Power supply;
• General ventilation and conditioning;
• Security (video surveillance, security and fire alarm, access control);
• Technogenic security (water/gas leak, loads monitoring);
• Communication and telecommunication networks (structured cabling, local area network, television, telephony);
• Multimedia and audio/video signals distribution.
All employees of AVANDSİS company have great experience in designing of automation and dispatching systems, installation of security systems on various type of projects, as well as pass annual certification by the world's leading brands.


Quality mounting is a key to achieving simplicity in production of starting-up and adjustment works, and proper functioning of the whole system in the future. Erection crew of our company is made of highly qualified specialists, while the process is managed by experienced foremen.
AVANDSİS company offers installation work services for complex security systems, power supply and automation.    
Great experience   and high quality of work are our advantages.
Key elements of successful quality mounting:
• Required quality of working documentation;
• Projects examination;
• Implementation of preliminary works and well-organized equipment and materials supply;
• High organizational management and precise division of labour;
• Obligatory quality and accurate equipment and materials marking, prior to mounting;
• Consideration of specifics of electric mounting in aggressive environmental conditions (pollution, low temperature, high humidity);
• Compliance with the rules of electric mounting, ПУЭ и СП;
• Testing and submission of mounting by electricians, working on this project.
We have been performing installation of internal engineering systems and equipment for a long time:


Power Supply

Electric Lighting

Communication, radio, television systems

Security alarm and video surveillance systems

Installation of devices and control


• power supply;
• electric lighting;
• communication, radio, television systems;
• security alarm and video surveillance systems;
• installation of devices and control.
We provide quality mounting of communication equipment: cable-line communication structures, station wired facilities, radio-relay communication lines, wire broadcast stations. We also provide mounting of networking equipment, such as СКС, ЛВС, КСПД, as well as of automation and computing machinery devices and facilities, such as mounting of panels, desks, regulators of executive devices, cabinets, and other works.

Technical support

Technical support of power supply and energy conservation systems represents an entire complex of services on scheduled and unscheduled technical maintenance of alternating and direct current power supply, as well as of accounting systems of electric power, energy conservation, and electric networks load distribution systems.
Power supply and energy conservation maintenance systems are popular services in the modern market. These services are in great demand, especially among large and medium enterprises. The reason is that from technical and financial point of view, it is much more profitable to commission the appropriate organization to perform all maintenance works of power supply systems.
AVANDSİS design and engineering company provides wide range of services on technical maintenance of power supply and energy conservation systems.

Services provided by our specialists include:
• Informational and technical support. This item implies expert customer support on all issues relating to proper use of the systems, as well as elimination of small deviations in their work.
• Scheduled maintenance of the systems. This service represents number of activities, which are performed according to schedule, designed and approved with the customer beforehand. The purpose of the performed activities is to conduct maintenance works, in order to secure uninterrupted functioning of the system.
• Emergency maintenance of the systems. This service also represents number of activities, aimed at eliminating effects of breakdown of power supply and energy conservation systems.
• Introduction of modern technologies in the construction of new networks or modernization of already existing ones;
• Complex of works on mounting and dismantling of both the whole systems, and their individual elements;
• Starting-up and adjustment works;
• Monitoring of the customer's existing systems, as well as composing required technical documentation;
• Supplying the customer's projects with electro technical equipment;  
• Installation and integration of the equipment and software with the Customer's ICT-infrastructure.
Our company provides professional services on technical maintenance of power support systems, as well as on maintenance of energy conservation and electro technical equipment of the buildings and constructions, as well as of individual apartments and offices.
You can get answers to all your questions by contacting our specialists via the feedback form or the phone numbers provided in Contacts section.

Assembling of panels


AVANDSİS company performs designing, assembling and mounting of electric panels and automation panels, on the basis of the Customer's requirements specification and schemes. Our specialists have great experience in designing and assembling of panels of any complexity. We offer quality components, high quality control and product warranty to our clients. Assembling of all panels is performed by highly qualified and certified personnel, and in accordance with all required standards.
We offer you the list of AVANDSİS company's main products on electric panels and automation cabinets:
– Lead-in distributors (LD) and main distribution panels up to 4000 A are designed for lead-in, accounting and distribution of electric power, consumers protection, as well as protection of networks of up to 380 volts of alternating current and 50 Hz frequency with earthed neutral.
– Automatic standby activation (ASA) is designed for automated switching to standby feed of lightning circuits, automatic machinery and power electrical equipment, in case of undervoltage on the main input.
– Power panel is designed for lead-in, accounting (if accounting block is available) and distribution of electric power, consumers protection, as well as protection of networks of up to 380 volts of alternating current and 50 Hz frequency.
– Control and automation cabinets are designed for technical equipment management, automation of technological processes, electric power distribution, protection of consumers of electricity of up to 380 volts of alternating current and 50 Hz frequency.  
Our company has great experience in developing and producing control panels and automatic machinery of various modifications, using equipment by global manufacturers.
– Control station cabinets are designed for local, remote and automated control of various technological process, such as supply and draft ventilation management systems, pumps with induction motors in district heating substations of water supply, functioning in three-phase networks of 380/220 volts of alternating current and 50 Hz frequency. Technological processes control cabinets are produced in accordance with technical documentation provided by the Customer. Protection class: IP54, IP66.