Building Management System (BMS)

Engineering equipment of building represent complex of systems, each of which is maintained individually and is not connected with the others. However, today buildings with complex structure can have tens of engineering systems. It is impossible to manage them, using out-of-date mechanical methods.
This is how ABMS - automated building management system appeared.
BMS is divided into two types:
• Home Automation –   homes and houses management system
• Building Automation – housing estates, hotels, business centres, trade centres, hospitals, etc. management systems.


Operation scheme of BMS

Advantages of BMS

 Capabilities of Intellectual Building with BMS


AVANDSİS company develops high-quality SCADA solutions for industrial projects, including specialized technical support, staff training and possibilities for system integration.

Smart house

AVANDSİS company offers the following services to its Customers: designing, mounting, starting-up and adjustment and subsequent maintenance of Smart House systems.  
Our successful experience in projects implementation allows us to find unique solutions, which organize the process, so that all individual requirements and interests of our clients could be taken into account. We are implementing both standard projects, and bold up-to-date ideas.
Specialists at AVANDSİS company perform full cycle of works on creating Smart House system:


Smart House system - designing

Power electrotechnics




Mounting and starting-up and adjustment works

Manufacturers. Wiring accessories and Smart House equipment

Crestron Smart House

Home cinema


Security and monitoring systems

Climate control



Certified specialists at AVANDSİS company perform full range of installation works of multimedia systems, information-display systems, video conference systems, conference systems and interactive systems for conference halls, from designing and system concept development to mounting and programming of the whole complex.

Conference system is equipment complex, which allows organizing comfortable communication on large events and following protocol during organization of such events. Conference equipment is used for various purposes:  
• Organization of seminars, conferences and other conversations;
• During negotiations in business, governmental and other areas;
• For organization of convenient communication for group or remote participants;
• If needed, organization of one or another event, which follows the official protocol.

Conference equipment generally includes:
• Delegate's remote control — call microphone or similar device, which allows participant to speak and express his point of view;
• Remote control of the chairman, who has priority over delegate's remote control and enhanced management facilities;
• Main frame (mixer, switchboard and device needed to coordinate the work of all equipment);
• Voting systems for delegates;
• Software packages and automation devices, which provide various processes of the system operation (e.g., directing PTZ camera at delegate upon switching his remote control on);
• Interface devices (wireless translators or wire connection devices.)
Conference hall equipment can also have the following facilities: transmission, demonstration of video data, documents, presentation and other necessary information in accessible and clear manner.
If external participants need to be connected (which are outside the conference hall), special secure communication systems are used.
Simultaneous translation equipment is used for organization of conference systems on events with foreign participants.

Conference system with simultaneous translation equipment

Conference system can be equipped with simultaneous translation equipment, which allows organizing audio stream, containing speech in a language needed for delegate. Interpreter booth is used for this, where specialist dictates his own interpretation of the heard speech. This version get to congress system at the same time with basic data and can be (depending on decision) managed both from central console, and by being locally selected by each participant. This means that congress system with simultaneous translation equipment allows each participant to hear performers in his own language.